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Okay I am a terrible progressive, feel free to shun me forever, but I am so excited to get to work at PAX again. First: they pay their staff. Second, they feed staff real food, not like peanut butter sandwiches and Tang. Third, they treat staff like actual human beings and not mindless automata. I’ve been treated like shit while NPCing LARP events that I’ve paid to be at. Most conventions are pretty good to their staff, though.

(I feel like if you’re not paying somebody in money, you need to treat them better than you would paid staff, else nobody will want to work for you. Paying somebody build/status for a character is fine, it’s not like paying an artist in “exposure.” It still doesn’t pay the rent, and if you had to pay to be there in terms of chipping in for the site, insurance, the cost of getting there, buying gear, and the opportunity costs you incur spending a weekend as a monster…you should treat your staff well, is what I’m getting at.)

…look, I’ve done harder, less-fun work for worse organizations and less money. Campaign work is a beast, I don’t want to do it again if I don’t have to.

— 2 hours ago